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San Diego was swell. Even though I got the flu in the last two days I was there, and my head is still all weirdly pressurized from the stupid airplane. And it’s New Year’s Eve and I pretty much feel like crappy pants. Bleah.

It was colder than it was supposed to be, for which I curse the weather gods.

I didn’t really get to hang out with anyone, because I was too busy trying to hang out with everyone. But it was still good to see all the peeps, if not to have any actual conversations.

Nunu’s is exactly the same, which is mostly why I love it.

I got to see the Pacific Ocean, which will hopefully tide me over until the next time I get to see the Pacific Ocean.

I put way too much mint in the mashed potatoes, so they were kind of like toothpaste mashed potatoes.

I still feel like crappy pants.

Yay New Year’s.


Written by laura k

December 31, 2003 at 7:08 pm

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