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Elections in the news

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Here we are, deep in the throes of another election season. And you know, politics still frustrates and sickens me. And at this point it is the media even more than the politicians throwing me into fits of apoplexy. I mean, sure, politicians say ridiculous, calculated, un-nuanced things and I get very upset with them. But journalists are supposed to uncover this ridiculousness, reveal the truth behind it. They are NOT supposed to simply report on the asinine things politicians say as though they are true.

Frankly, Columbia Journalism Review does a far better job than I uncovering the stupidity of the media. I would just end up saying the same things over and over: “You idiotic assholes!”

Sigh. Is there any hope that this will get better? Not as long as people like the fine citizens of Findlay, Ohio still believe every stupid ass rumor that gets spread around and not properly contradicted by journalists who are falling down on the job.

Double sigh.


Written by laura k

July 3, 2008 at 1:29 pm

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