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I am now officially a student. I had my first class yesterday, Technology for Information Professionals. Thankfully, not as basic and mind-numbing as I was expecting. My second class, Reference, is this afternoon. I love being back on a college campus. I'm excited about everything. I'm a little surprised to see the the librarian stereotype is kind of true: I'm surrounded by some seriously dorky people. With social interaction issues. It'll be interesting to be one of the most put together, attractive people in the room for once. Hah.

I did, also, get that job at the Schlesinger library. I work there two days a week and so far I love it. Everyone is very nice and friendly. My boss is already showing an interest in my professional development, which is more than I can say for any boss I had in my last job. The library is beautiful and a very pleasant place to spend a few days a week. Everything is falling into place.

Of course, the fact that Crystal isn't just on vacation but has, in fact, moved is also starting to make itself real to me. Our new housemate hasn't moved in yet, but I"m sure that once she does the final bring in the Crystal's-really-gone wall will be cemented into place. I'm not sure how well that metaphor works, but whatever. She's doing well in Spain, although I'm sure a little bit overwhelmed.

I should head off to school now. Boy, I love saying that.

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Written by laura k

September 6, 2007 at 4:08 pm

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