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New job?

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Tomorrow is unofficially my last day at Pearson Higher Ed. It seems hard to believe, after over three years of this place. I'm ready, though–three years of not being challenged, not having enough work to do, not being mentored, not enjoying my work at all is more than enough. I am so excited to move into this next "phase of my career" I could about piss myself. If it weren't so messy, and generally unprofessional.

On Monday I interviewed at what is, essentially, my dream job: The Schlesinger Library at Harvard University houses a massive collection of women's history materials, and culinary history materials. It's like they read my mind and created my perfect library. The interview went smashingly–so smashingly that she pretty much offered me the job. She said she wanted to call my references and make sure everything checks out, and if it does, she'd like to hire me. And I can't imagine that anything in my references won't check out–everyone I listed has nothing but good to say about me as an employee. So I guess that means I have the job? I'm a little hesitant to say so, because it is still very unofficial. But…but…but…she did pretty much offer me the job. Right? Ahh ambiguity. I've never been very good with that.

Provided I do, eventually, get this dream job, everything is falling into place quite nicely. I'm registered for classes. I will have a job, and a great job at that, which will also look stellar on my resume. I've got that copyediting thing for Library Student Journal happening, which will be great experience. All kinds of things are happening that will keep me busy and not able to focus too much on how much I will be missing Crystal.

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Written by laura k

August 9, 2007 at 3:36 pm

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  1. Sweet!


    August 9, 2007 at 3:49 pm

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