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Bad, bad neighborhood

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So, I live in a super sketch neighborhood. I don't think it was always this bad, or at least I didn't notice before. There have been four firebombings in the last year–three of those in the last six months, and two of them in the last two weeks. They've taken out multiple businesses at a time (but thank god my bar was spared!), and they don't get re-built so I'm basically living in urban squalor. They're just bombed out, boarded up buildings along the main road through the neighborhood.

And yesterday…whoa… We're still putting together the details, but the business next door was raided by the ATF, the DEA, the IRS, and who knows who else. I mean, this place was so blatantly obviously sketchy that it's a wonder they didn't bust them sooner. (Wait, no it's not a wonder, the Boston police are inept.) But man, they were in there yesterday in full-force. And this is on top of the three arrests across the street, in the projects. Apparently there was a coke lab, a little gun-running, and some money laundering to top it off. Sweeeet.

Seriously, my neighborhood is freakin' sketch.

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Written by laura k

August 31, 2006 at 3:47 pm

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