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I already have another blog that I never post to, but I guess this is kind of better because it can be all private and stuff. How are you lovely kids doing out there on the westerner coast? We had our first "feels like fall" day yesterday, which provoked very mixed feelings: it's kind of nice and cozy, and I HAVE missed my sweaters, but all I can think is that winter will be here soon and that is bad. Stupid New England.

We went to New York this week to see a benefit for 826 NYC, which was sweetly awesome. It's a great organization to support, and they put on a freakin great show: John Stewart, John Hodgman, Dave Eggers, Sarah Vowell, John Roderick, Sufjan Stevens, and David Byrne. David Byrne rocked a classic country set super hard, and played a few Talking Heads songs, too. Sufjan Stevens came out with a bigger arrangement than I expected–two horns, a violin, pianist, percussion, back-up singer, and of course himself on banjo and guitar. Sean was ecstatic, and it was really lovely, but nothing could beat David Byrne for me.

Of course we went to Strand, and despite my book-buying moratorium, I picked up three new ones.


Summer We'll Always Have Paris: Sex and Love in the City of Light Ornamentalism: How the British Saw Their Empire

Doh. It's an addiction, I swear.

We made pickles last weekend, and we were going to taste them yesterday, but we forgot. Mmmm. Pickles.

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August 28, 2006 at 8:23 pm

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