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There are a ton of classes out there in universities across the country about Women in Literature, and Women in Politics, and Women in History, and Women in the Automative Industry and what have you. As though the sheer phenomenon of Women Doing Things is so mind-boggling that we have to have whole separate special classes just about that (er, and to continue to academically ghetto-ize women’s cultural accomplishments). I want to start teaching classes on Men in Literature, and Men in Politics, and Men in History. To turn the tables and make it really strikingly clear how bizarre it is to think this way, and teach this way. Maybe it would be an interesting endeavor in its own right, to look at men in the world of Literature or History, not as the standard bearer, but AS men. Hmmm….

Whatever, stop teaching classes on Women in Literature. It’s weird.


Written by laura k

June 29, 2006 at 8:24 pm

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