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So, they essentially admit that this “shake-up” is really just a big PR move:

“At the same time, the changes made public so far mainly have moved around figures who have been inside the Bush orbit for years, and White House officials made clear yesterday that no major shifts in policy are envisioned. With midterm congressional elections looming, strategists said the main goal was to make public gestures that would restore faith in Bush’s ability to lead.”

In other words, “Well, we’re basically just throwing up a lot of smoke and mirrors, shifting people around so it LOOKS like we’re making significant changes. But, nothing, really, is going to be any different.” Awesome. I love politics.

Rove Gives Up Policy Post in Shake-Up

PS–Christ, this quote is even worse. Did he really say that?
“”People have been watching this TV series for a long time, and it helps to plug in some new characters from time to time,” said Bush political adviser Mark McKinnon. “Gets folks to tune back in and take a fresh look.””


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April 20, 2006 at 3:59 pm

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