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Because I didn’t come across anything particularly interesting today, and because no one really reads this, so I can definitely indulge myself: the last 20 songs that I’ve heard on my iPod:

Girl Inform Me, The Shins
Hands Off, Old 97s
Turning Japanese, Liz Phair
Knives Out, Radiohead
Title Track, Death Cab for Cutie
It Hurts 2 C U Dance So Well, The Pipettes (It hurts me to type that title)
Ck86, Sweet William
Papa Was a Rodeo, Magnetic Fields
Amitryptyline, John Vanderslice
You Just Haven’t Earned it Yet Baby, The Smiths
By The Way, Built to Spill
What You Are, Drill
Stable Song, Death Cab for Cutie
This Is Love, PJ Harvey
Trailer Trash, Modest Mouse
Immigrant, Sade
Sister Anne, Green Pajamas
Running Up that Hill, Kate Bush
Violent Love, Oingo Boingo
Offline P.K., Pinback

If you like that stuff, you should go to, sign up, and then search for username lkrier. Then you can listen to what I listen to. Or something. It’s a cool site, even if you don’t like what I listen to.


Written by laura k

January 5, 2006 at 12:51 am

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