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Someone on the indiepop list just posted the last 20 songs played on his iPod, in the midst of a conversation about musical diversity. I love stuff like this, but can’t imagine everyone in the i-pop list would really be interested in knowing the last 20 songs I listened to. But here, I can do whatever I want, and not have to worry about bothering anyone (largely because no one reads this). So here ya go, the last 20 pieces of musical goodness that have floated through my machine and into my head:

20. Here Comes Your Man, Pixies
19. (I Want You) More Than Ever, The Clientele
18. No. 13 baby, Pixies
17. Good Man, Archer Prewitt
16. Amphibian, Bjork
15. What a Day That Was, Talking Heads
14. Who Named the Days, Arab Strap
13. I Was Meant for the Stage, The Decemberists
12. No Name No. 5, Elliott Smith
11. I Want to Vanish, Elvis Costello
10. The Stars of Track and Field, Belle & Sebastian
9. Suzanne, Leonard Cohen
8. Two-headed Boy, Neutral Milk Hotel
7. Everything Hits at Once, Spoon
6. Punchbag, Punchbag
5. The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders, Sufjan Stevens
4. Breaking Lines, The Pastels
3. Sleepwalking, Modest Mouse
2. HWY A, The Rock*A*Teens
1. Man Out of Time, Elvis Costello


Written by laura k

October 28, 2005 at 3:15 pm

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