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Screw you freepin idiots. Screw all of you morons who voted for Dubya and only NOW start complaining about how he doesn’t represent you, and you don’t agree with his ideas for Social Security and tax cuts and Iraq. Fuck all y’all. Fuck you and your low approval ratings. Fuck you and your uncertainty about private accounts. Fuck you.

If you’d paid the least little BIT of attention to politics, as you SHOULD have been doing, having been given the PRIVILEGE of the right to vote in this FREEPIN country, if you’d spent half a freakin second reading a newspaper before you went and cast your ballot for this PUPPET of the ultra-conservative right (who are, by the way, only puppets themselves for the corporate interests who really run this county), we wouldn’t be sitting here, engaged in useless partisan battles while we watch the White House attempt to piss away every benefit every given to people who aren’t worth $12 million.

I fucking hate the mindlessness of American democracy, and I don’t give a shit anymore how many people tell me it’s my duty to stick around and watch it all go to hell, just so we don’t entirely give the country over to the moronic vote. You know what? My vote doesn’t begin to counterbalance all the fucking idiots who can’t be bothered to pay a lick of attention because they’re too busy watching American Idol.

Guess what? Nationalism means shit to me. America? As a concept? As a nation to which I feel allegiance? I’m sorry, but I cannot, I refuse to feel allegiance to a nation represented by the apparent idiots running this one. All of those great things that are supposedly meant to attain to American citizenship? I think Ashcroft did enough to diminish those elements that I don’t feel hugely compelled to remain an American citizen because of them. Give me a good reason–I’m begging for one. I don’t want to expatriate myself (a shitload of hassle), but I do feel compelled to follow the spirit of representational democracy, and at least live in a country that even pretends to represent me.

I have tried to think historically, and to recognize that this is not the first time America has gone through freakish religious (slash moron) revivalism. History is cyclical. Someday sanity will revisit the nation. But I might be dead by then, and I’m not so sure I’m willing to spend the best years of my life in the midst of a fundy Christian nightmare.

How did this happen? When I was in high school, people seemed mostly sane! What is going on here!? Please, I need insight, because my brain is starting to ache in my attempts to figure this all out.

PS- God is dead.


Written by laura k

April 29, 2005 at 3:16 am

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