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There is finally an organized, vocal group of people, former military lawyers, actively opposing Gonzalez’s nomination as Attorney General. Their opposition, not surprisingly, is based on his apparent acceptance of torture in interrogation proceedings, and his dismissal of international law. This is important and good.

Unfortunately, they are already murmuring about their lack of power and possible willingness to just let it go in the face of such seemingly strong support of Gonzalez. According to the NY Times:

Mr. Hutson said talks with other retired senior military officials had not yet

produced a decision on how to oppose the selection, though testifying at the

hearings was a possibility. He said that while several opposed the nomination,

some were unsure if opposition would be “worth the effort” because of little

expectation the nomination could be derailed.

The point of a confirmation hearing is to get all the evidence, all the information, in order to make an informed decision about an appointment. If everyone has already made up his mind before hand, what’s the point of even having them in the first place? Evidence should be presented, if it exists, and opinions should be given. Then, let the cards fall where they may. But to say that opposition isn’t even “worth the effort”? Lame.


Written by laura k

December 16, 2004 at 6:20 pm

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