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You know what I think I’d like to see? Kerry and Cheney debate. It would be much more equal in terms of policy knowledge and history in Washington, and they might actually be able to discuss real, important policy-related things. It’s not as if Bush actually makes policy. Yes, a Kerry-Cheney debate might actually be meaningful.

I watched “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” last night. If you can stomach the Capra cheesiness, it’s a good election-season movie, all about one idealist uncovering graft and corruption in Washington, and initiating an epic (kind of silly) battle on the Senate floor against it. I think they should show it on network television some Sunday night before the elections. Maybe it would get people fired up to throw out the corrupt, corporate-owned politics currently dominating Washington. Ok, probably not. But I can dream, right?


Written by laura k

October 5, 2004 at 5:55 pm

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