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“Brian Jones, a spokesman for the Bush campaign, suggested that Mr. Cheney had a different view [of Iraq] now, linking the Iraq war to the fight against terrorism.

“The Kerry campaign has continually displayed a misunderstanding of the war on terror,” he said. “When America was attacked, the fundamental nature of the conflict changed, but John Kerry continues to approach the war on terror as if 9/11 never occurred.”

But Mr. Edwards portrayed Mr. Cheney’s remarks as an inconsistency on Iraq and said the beheadings of civilian contract workers, more than 1,000 American military deaths and insurgency in Iraq were proof the Bush administration had failed in the occupation.”

Can they really be serious? I keep coming back to the same phrase, over and over: Willful Ignorance. This is just too much. Going to war in Iraq displays a very serious misunderstanding of the war on terror. Why couldn’t Mr. Edwards have said that? Why didn’t he say that the growing insurgency in Iraq, the increasing number of terrorist-group recruits in Iraq, which are the direct outcomes of our invasion and occupation, display a far greater misunderstanding than any Kerry has ever displayed. Why are they not coming right out and attacking the outright lies?


Written by laura k

September 30, 2004 at 11:32 am

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