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Ok, I haven’t written anything here in a long, long time. I guess I just haven’t had much to say.

I’m pleased with the selection of John Edwards as Kerry’s running mate. I think they’ve made a very balanced ticket, and the choice definitely increased the likelihood of a Democratic win this November.

I was out in the midwest this weekend, for a family reunion (I’ll put some fun soybean field pictures up somewhere shortly), and, of course, started talking politics with my dad. My parents live in San Diego, a highly conservative city, which is a huge contrast from where I live, in Boston. I think we’ve been entertaining opposite feelings about the upcoming election, largely because of the kinds of politics with which we’re surrounded: Dad’s almost certain Bush will win again, and I’m almost certain he’ll go down in flames (ok, I don’t really think he’ll lose that badly, but I feel sure he’ll lose). Of course, our prophesies about this election have a lot to do with the people we’re around, and I’ve long been aware that those in Massachusetts might not represent the rest of the country. I was curious to see what people in Sioux Falls, South Dakota think about Bush, and where they’re planning on throwing their votes.

Both my Dad and I were surprised to discover that many, many people in South Dakota (usually a Republican state, despite Daschle’s long tenure as Senator) are almost as rabidly anti-Bush as we are. My uncle Paul, an ex-Army man and ROTC teacher, vehemently decried Bush as “dumb as a rock.” In fact, my dad told me the only person he spoke to who was planning on voting Republican was a crazy pro-life woman wandering the streets at midnight, shouting about Jesus and the dead babies.

This gives me great hope.

Boston’s not nearly as hectic with the DNC as I was expecting. I was even early to work this morning, because no one was on the trains. It’s empty around here. A comedian at the MW last night said to check out this website, showing the streets of Boston, to see what it will be like here after the zombies come.

I’m tired and I’m going home.


Written by laura k

July 27, 2004 at 8:54 pm

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