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And this is why I love Ms. Alice. How I miss my slutty friends! How I miss the sharing of indelicate details, the casual sex, the addition of notches on the bedpost! The excitement of ending up in bed unexpectedly with someone new and unknown, the discovery of an unfamiliar body. Oh Christ, it’s been too long.

Back in Santa Cruz, I was surrounded by sluts, sluts who had no compunction, no remorse, no regret. Sluts who weren’t out looking for “something more.” Who didn’t agonize over whether they slept with him “too soon,” whether he’ll call or why he hasn’t. Awesome, awesome ladies who got some because they wanted some and never looked back. Goddammit, where are my girlies? Why am I now surrounded by women who, while very cool in very many ways, really, really just want a boyfriend? I think that even if I did get laid, I wouldn’t want to tell any of them about it, because they wouldn’t understand if I didn’t give a damn whether I ever saw him again, they wouldn’t understand if I didn’t remember his name, they would just give me that look. That look they give me when I know they think I’m from another planet.

The fact, though, is this: I’m picky, and I’m not likely to meet someone I actually want a relationship with anytime soon. Why in hell should I let that stop me from getting laid? And why doesn’t anyone out here understand that?

Oh, Alice, how I miss you, you salacious, slutty slammerkin.


Written by laura k

November 4, 2003 at 4:20 pm

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