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I just spent way too much time discovering the strangeness of newsgroups. There are about a gazillion usenet newsgroups out there. How is one to decide between alt.dirty.whores and What is the point? Why are people so endlessly specific in their interests? I’m intriqued. Of course, I had to subscribe to the newsgroup, and the alt.cynicism group, and who could neglect alt.culture.theory? I’ll probably be bored with all this in about three days.

I’m still not bored with Friendster, though.

I am bored with looking for a job. I just pray that I won’t have to be doing this periodically still when I’m in my forties. Cause it sucks.

We’re going to see School of Rock tomorrow. John Vanderslice this weekend. Death Cab next weekend. Oh the joy.


Written by laura k

October 14, 2003 at 10:35 pm

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