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I’m doing my best not to let the thrills of unemployment get the best of me. I’m putting up a semi-decent fight. I think.

I just started an internship at Beacon Press, and this internship was one of the things that I had high hopes about before I even got out to Boston, so that’s a good thing. It’s one day a week, unpaid, but even after only one day I feel like I’ve learned new things. I’m excited just to be there. And I just hope I meet all those important people I could potentially meet who could potentially find me a real, live job some day. I’ll just have to brush up on my networking skills. Or something. Yeah.

And I’m pretty sure I got a job at this coffee shop down on Newbury Street, Torrefazione. The manager told me that I was basically hired, but that, due the changing student schedules and all that other fun, end of school year stuff, he doesn’t yet know when or how often he’s going to need me. So I just have to sit tight for a week or two (hopefully only for a week or two) and then I’ll be back behind the counter, your friendly espresso queen once again. I’m actually kind of excited about the prospect of working in a coffee shop again. I really miss it.

I’m heading down to the bookstore this afternoon to beg for a job. Wish me luck.

God all this job search stuff is boring. Sorry. I promise to be more entertaining next time.


Written by laura k

May 14, 2003 at 6:56 pm

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