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I promised I would have new and improved smarmy content elsewhere at the site about 2 weeks ago, and as you’ve likely noticed, no such thing has occurred at this juncture. That’s because I’m a lazy bum. I’d like to blame it on some kind of writer’s block and lack of inspiration, because that excuse at least appears to have some heft and substance to it. But no. I’m just a lazy bum.

Our party was rad. I saw Spoon the band last night and they were Spoonirific. I have a very promising job interview tomorrow. I’ve been reading some very excellent books. I haven’t been getting nearly enough sleep. I’ve been trying to continue my recent venture into the world of linoleum printmaking. This is my life. There isn’t very much writing in it these days.

But there will be. I should stop making promises, but I can very nearly almost guarantee that in the next few weeks you will find on the Smarmy Alligator:

-A review of the splendid Spoon show

-A review of “Leaving Atlanta,” and quite possibly an interview with the author, Tayari Jones

-An article on temping and the current working environment

-More advice from Wilson Phillips and other pop stars past their moment of glory

-Probably some other stuff


Written by laura k

April 9, 2003 at 6:18 pm

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