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I was perusing old yearbooks the other day (god knows what incited me to do that), and now I’m on a mission. I somehow managed to lose touch with a good friend, for which I am still kicking myself in the arse, and I’m determined to find her. This girl was a gem and a half, and together, we could rule the world. I’m sure of it. We were hell on wheels, baby.

Of course I scoured the ubiquitous, and from there I managed to find this website. Apparently she is now married, but that’s all I know. The trail has gone cold.

If you’re out there, Ms. Kathryn (Kayte) Cannon, now McCord, I’m hunting you down. But in a good way! Wherrrrrrrrre arrrrre youuuuuu?????


Written by laura k

February 21, 2003 at 5:42 pm

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