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My boss asked me to create a Procedural manual detailing the tasks I do here in the office before I LEAVE THIS JOB FOREVER TOMORROW. I just sat down to start writing this handy dandy manual, and I’m realizing that this is one of the most pointless things ever. It’s not like anything I had to do here was difficult. I feel like such a dork writing “Step One: Affix label to upper right hand corner of form. Step Two: Enter information from database onto label in designated spaces” or whatever it is that I’m supposed to write.

It’s very bizarre to sit and write step-by-step instructions for actions you don’t think about doing too much. Try it, you’ll see, it’s bizarre! “Step One: Insert lock into car door. Step Two: Turn key clockwise until small plastic locky thingy pops up inside door. Step Three: Open the door, you dumbass.”


Written by laura k

February 20, 2003 at 9:18 pm

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